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There were people desperate for shelter, which is such a basic human need. I think we realized very early on that our work wasn't done. It was just the beginning.

After a deadly campfire in November 2018 destroyed the town of Paradise, California, Woody Faircloth and his 6-year old daughter, Luna, were inspired to make sure at least one family would have a place to call home on Thanksgiving. They purchased an RV off of Craigslist, pointed it in the direction of California, and started driving. They selected one of the 50 first responders who had lost their home as the recipient.

News of their kindness spread and EmergencyRV was founded as a non-profit organization offering those affected by natural disasters, support and transitional housing solutions. Over the past five years, it has evolved to help anyone affected by a natural disaster but prioritizes firefighters, first responders, and military veterans.

When the recent Maui fires destroyed over 2,200 homes, EmergencyRV once again sprung into action with the California Fire Foundation to get three RVs donated by local firefighters to Maui. “This work has fundamentally changed me,” says Woody. “One of the things that’s so powerful is if you do something kind for someone with no expectation of anything in return, I mean, the rewards are indescribable.”

With an original goal of delivering temporary shelter to one family, this dad and daughter team has now helped hundreds of disaster victims have a place to call home, expanding their mission and making lifelong friends along the way.

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