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All we ask is that you pay it forward. You can’t pay it back because Dale’s gone. But you can remember him, and you can emulate him.
Steve Nielsen, Close Friend of Dale

Dale Schroeder, a carpenter from Iowa, surprised everyone with his secret $3 million fortune amassed over 67 years of frugality.

Before passing, Dale had a wish: send small-town Iowan kids to college, a chance he never had. Among the 33 beneficiaries was Kira Conard, who dreamed of becoming a therapist but faced financial hurdles.

Dale’s generosity transformed lives, creating a legacy of doctors, teachers, and therapists. His only request? “All I ask is that you pay it forward,” embodying a spirit of generosity and community support.

People like Dale are what keep this country running, and in his honor and memory, we raise a toast to the lessons learned from Dale.

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