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Sgt. Eva Roby

Being a single mom, raising him, I’m definitely patting myself on the back.

When Malik Heard showed up for the graduation ceremony at the University of West Georgia his joy was overshadowed only by his mom’s absence. When his name was announced, though, he was shocked to hear that a special guest had traveled from Kosovo to be there.

For Malik, that could only mean one person, his mom. Sgt. Roby had kept her visit a secret until the moment he accepted his diploma. For Sgt. Roby, missing life’s big moments was a sacrifice she had to make in order to serve her country. 

But this mom was not going to miss her son’s big day because Malik was the first male in his family to graduate from college. We honor all of the service people like Sgt. Roby who sacrifice big family moments to protect our country.

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