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It was all worth it. I kept reminding myself what a small sacrifice. This temporary pain, it’s so worth it.

When pizza delivery driver Nick Bostic was driving through Lafayette (a suburb of Indianapolis) one night, he noticed a house engulfed in flames with no emergency vehicles. He ran into the house and encountered 18-year-old Seionna, who was babysitting her three siblings, aged 1, 6, and 13, along with a 13-year-old friend.

Seionna had gathered all the children but was still frantically searching for 6-year-old Kaylani. Bostic helped usher them outside to safety before reentering the burning house.

Despite the thick smoke, he was able to locate Kaylani and punched out a 2nd-floor window before jumping out with her in his arms.

Bostic explained that he’s not a hero and just did what he would have wanted someone to do for him and his family if their home was on fire.

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